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The people we work with are really good at what they do. They’ve often risen to positions of power and influence in their organisations because of their professional expertise. At Expert Humans we seek to complement these professional skills by exploring – at a deep level – those human skills that are under-developed, not well understood and for some, completely ignored. Our aim is to open up a world of possibilities to enable people to thrive at work and exponentially increase their impact. By helping with this through our ACE model, we believe we can help organisations – local, regional and especially those going global – to succeed. And developing global skills informs everything that we do. Expert Humans is about helping successful people become better leaders, build more effective teams and drive stellar, sustainable results for their organisations.

Our ACE© model (Altruism, Compassion, Empathy) is underpinned
by global effectiveness


Who we Are



Our purpose is to help make the workplace more human so that people can enjoy their work time and that organisations can thrive.


Our vision is to enable organisations to create better workplaces through a better understanding of what it takes to be more human at work


Our mission is to focus on supporting local, regional and global teams to improve their capability to work supportively and effectively for their own wellbeing and for the success of their organisation



‘Transformative facilitation like no other, working across the world’ 

‘Working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders across Asia to grow sustainable organisations’ 

‘Devoted to exploring the working world of tomorrow’ 

‘Partnering and building trusted relationships in ecosystems around the world’ 

‘Understanding the complexities of human systems to be able to thrive in chaos’ 


‘Supporting responsible and purpose-driven organisations to “Make Sustainability Happen’ 

‘Transforming People’ 

‘Creating the tools to develop global leadership skills, build trust and enable global success’ 

Our Offer

We offer a variety of services ranging from open (public) leadership programmes through peer group learning for CEOs to highly tailored consultancy as well as research projects in the areas of global leadership and organisational development. We are also able to address specific client needs and requirements by partnering with globally-renowned subject matter experts in cutting edge fields including transformative facilitation, partnering in ecosystems, stakeholder relationships, Wicked Problems and working effectively across cultures, drawing on thought leadership from Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


Our programmes feature content-sharing sessions (latest research, thought-leadership and applied theory); small- and large-group discussions; case studies; individual and group assessment reports; invited subject-matter experts and specialist panels. We work virtually and in-person depending on changing circumstances.


We’re really excited to be asked to get involved with different kinds of projects. We can act as critical friend to HR professionals and C-suite leaders when it comes to expansive and challenging change initiatives – or we can help you to enable your Learning and Development Team to go from strength to strength. Recent projects include: co-designing and co-presenting a major HR forum for the Institute for Human Resource Professionals in Singapore; designing and presenting an EMBA module on Human Capital Management for a leading Asian business school; developing a Sustainable Business Transformation Leader Programme (Asia) with partners in Germany and Belgium; collaborating with WorldWork on a research project involving up to 3,000 leaders looking at leadership competencies in Asia using the International Profiler; leading an international team of academic researchers to look at and assess the impact of the COVID-19 situation on international professionals and their families, and the effect on global workplaces – and writing a book for Emerald Publishing Group (launching on 9 March 2021) entitled Expert Humans – Critical Leadership Skills for a Disrupted World.


We are keen to share our thinking through our writing – and to work with friends and colleagues to put together content which we hope will be interesting and useful to our clients. If you are interested to partner with us on creating new content, please get in touch. In the meantime, we are delighted to share some of our most recent publications – written by us and also in partnership with world-class researchers and OD experts. Our forthcoming book – Expert Humans – Critical Leadership Skills for a Disrupted World will be published by Emerald Publishing Group on 9 March 2021.


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